What’s worth seeing in Sochaczew? 4 top tourist attractions

15 April 2023
You're on a business trip in Sochaczew and staying at the Hotel Chopin. Do you have a few hours free and don't know what to do with them? Don't worry, we have some suggestions for tourist attractions you can see in this charming city.

1. The Ruins of the Castle of the Mazovian Dukes, address: Podzamcze Street
One of the top attractions in Sochaczew is the ruins of the Castle of the Mazovian Princes. This castle has a history of over 700 years and has been the site of many important events. Although most of the building has been destroyed, part of the walls of the western house remain. This fascinating place will take you back in time and let you feel the atmosphere of the Middle Ages.

2. Monument to Boleslaw the Wrymouth, address: Stanislaw Staszic Street 25
At the intersection of Staszica and Pokoju Streets is the Boleslaw the Wrymouth Monument. It was erected to mark the eight hundredth anniversary of the death of this ruler. Near the site of the monument was the Romanesque Benedictine Abbey of the Holy Trinity. This is a place full of history that will make you reflect on the past.

3. The Museum of Sochaczew Land and the Battle of the Bzura, address: 12 Tadeusz Kosciuszko Square
The building of the historic town hall, not far from St. Lawrence Church, houses the Museum of Sochaczew Land and the Battle of the Bzura River. It is one of the most impressive museums in Poland dedicated to a single battle. Inside you'll find two permanent exhibitions that depict the history of Sochaczew and the surrounding area, as well as the World War II battlefield. This is a great place for history and military enthusiasts.

4. Narrow Gauge Railway Museum, address: 18 Licealna St.
If you are interested in the history of railroads, be sure to visit the Narrow Gauge Railroad Museum. It is located on Licealna Street and presents a permanent exhibition dedicated to the history of railroads and railroaders. Na terenie muzeum możesz zobaczyć cenne pamiątki związane z koleją, takie jak lokomotywy, wagony i inne sprzęty. This is an excellent opportunity to explore the secrets of railroading and feel the atmosphere of times gone by.

Sochaczew is a city full of history and tourist attractions. So don't waste your time and use your free time to explore this charming place. The ruins of the Castle of the Dukes of Mazovia, the Bolesław Krzywousty Monument, the Museum of Sochaczew Land and the Battle of the Bzura, and the Narrow Gauge Railway Museum are just some of the places that await you. Have fun and enjoy exploring Sochaczew!

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