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Micopricking is a modern way of treatment based on the principle of pricking the skin with automatically pulsating needles. Microneedles penetrate skin at 2 mm depth which further helps all active substances be applicated into the skin.

With micropricking we stimulate all natural processes aimed at skin rejuvenation,, thus bringing a superstructure of a new collagen and elastin togethert with a substantial growth of new blood vessels.

A micropricking course starts regenerative processes that perfectly help fight the effects of aging: wrinkles, lack of firmness as well as loss of facial contours. Scars, dehiscence or stretchmarks can also be reduced. Micropricking together with correctly  selected and applied products are an effective weapon in fighting against multiple defects.

Price: 380 zl



An intensively moisturizing and revitalizing skin treatment is a strongly hydrating injection, the most effective formula to fight the signs of skin dehydration.

With its unique cocktail of natural ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, rosemary extract, honey, phosphorus, serine, allantoin, vitamin C, citric acid and lactic acid  the skin becomes revitalized, moisturized, smooth, firmer and regains its lost shine .

Price: 135 zl



IS CLINICAL is the exclusive brand of skin care products, which offers a clinically proven formula of  action. The products are recommended by leading dermatologists, plastic surgeons, oncologists, medical institutions and aesthetic medicine practitioners. One of the few flagship treatments worth trying is the "RED CARPET FACIAL" procedure (FIRE AND ICE). It was awarded the PRIX DE COSMOPOLITAN BEAUTY 2011 and won an  American prize of "IN STYLE" magazine as a favorite treatment of celebrities. The treatment  has been developed for an immmediate skin regeneration, reducing wrinkles, smoothing and firming the skin.

 Price: 220 zl



5 phase - VITA CURA is a hope for mature, even very damaged skin. It's a real alternative to cosmetic surgery and microdermabrasion. It gives immediate and long-term results without damaging the skin barrier. The treatment i s based on a unigue combination of natural herbal and sea ingredients that trigger processes making the skin younger. It stimulates, smoothes and firms mature skin. Enzymatic micropeeling helps expose a healthy living complexion

Price: 320 zl



Four Layer Rejuvenating Treatment. Effectively prevents skin aging.

Recomendation: suitable for all skin types, against aging processes of the skin and a deep cleansing treatment.

Results: rejuvenated, moistured, firm and smooth skin with improved blood circulation.

Price: 290 zl



A refreshing algae mask, for all skin types. A swift algae ''refreshment'' and hydration  for your skin. Facial seaweed treatment for all skin types. The procedure ends in a relaxing and smoothing gel mask of fresh seaweed  that removes dead skin cells from the face surface to stimulate cell regeneration.

Results: clean and refreshed skin, sun irritations disappear.

Price: 150 zl



Your Prescription for a clean, clear and healthy face. A remady for acne skin problems that controls the sebaceous glands activity, heals and protects the natural skin barrier.

Recommendations: anti-inflammatory and antibacterial treatment for deep pore cleansing, blackheads and pimples removing.

Price: 155 zl



A regenerative eye contour treatment, smoothing the "crow's feet".  A lymphatic cream massage based on the latest technology achievements, with the use of clinically proven ingredients that reduce swelling and dark circles under the eyes. Natural blend of Gingko Biloba, Gotu Cola plants and Aosa seaweed with the plentitude of dipeptides, tetrapeptides and enzymes that stimulat Chrysin-the naturally occuring flavon.

Price: 90 zl



The STOP RED line is a shrink-and-cure treatment that soothes and strengthens your skin. It has been developed especifically for skin with dilated capillaries and a vasculature of tiny, red threads. The treatment results are spectacular:

  • reduction of irritations, redness caused by vascular disease outbreaks
  • strengthening, sealing and shrinking blood vessels
  • improvement of blood vessels flexibility
  • strengthening and restoring skin barrier function
  • health improvement
  • strengthening stress resistance
  • regeneration.

Price: 160 zl



This exfoliating treatment  based on 50% almond acid activity has been introduced recently for smoothing and brightening effects, reducing wrinkles, slightly tightening and softening action. It can solve your vascular problem causing its partial remission. With its antibacterial properties it also reduces seborrhea, blackheads and acne problems. The final step of  "Magdalena" treatment  is a high quality algae mask that brings your skin an absolute rejuvenation, a better condition, a stimulation for skin renewal as well as hydration and skin balance improvement.

Price: 150 zl

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